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Our tools can help you improve your selection process, or identify and remove roadblocks to individual and collective performance.

Diagnose how your people make decisions, their biases, motivations, behavior styles and their level of engagement.

Screening Assessments

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost you over 30% of the annual salary of the employee. We help you improve the EFFECTIVENESS of your selection process and REDUCE YOUR HIRING COSTS

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People Development

Team Strengthening

Is your team really a team? how well do they understand and value each other? Let's work together to strengthen your team

Team Decision Making diagnostic

The way teams make decisions is directly correlated to the thinking styles of the team members involved. Understanding the decision making profile of a team, it's biases and blind spots can help improve team performance by increasing team awareness and preventing clustering or other typical limiting team behaviors.

Team Behavior and Communication profiling

The key reason for conflicts among team members is the lack of understanding and appreciation of each other behavior and communication styles. Also understanding the makeup of a team can help identify gaps or help each individual maximize their performance by finding role where they can behave in their most comfortable way.

Team Motivations profiling

We are all driven by different aspects throughout our live and at any point in time the motivations of team members will be different and can even be the source of major conflicts that impact performance. Helping the team understand those differences can help mitigate their influence and unleash potential.

Organization Performance

“Organizational health will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.” Patrick Lencioni - The Advantage

PGI - Performance Gap Indicator

The #1 employee survey assessment to analyze company-wide performance across 5 core Non-Financial KPIs. Are you ready to find out what is in the way to better performance of your organization?

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