Talent Selection

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost you over 30% of the annual salary of the employee. We help you improve the EFFECTIVENESS of your selection process and REDUCE YOUR HIRING COSTS

Screening for potential

People that are able to make good decisions have more potential for high performance and are suited for a larger variety of roles. Use our JUDGEMENT SCREENING tool to identify the candidates from your list of CV's with the highest potential and the lowest risk according to their decision making abilities.

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Selecting candidates that best fit the role

Once you know the candidates that can make better decision you need to identify which ones are the best fit for the job. You can use our EMPLOYABILITY INSIGHTS report to understand in detail the candidate's judgment, motivations and behavior styles. This will give you a rounded profile of the candidate's personality and will allow you to identify which candidates can be more suited for the role, the team and the organization.

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Sales IQ

Map an individual’s knowledge of the stages of sales process. It is critical to understand how well each candidate understands every step of a sales process. This report provides this insight as well as guidance of the areas of strength and development.

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