Decision Making profile

Decision Making profile

People who have better judgment make better decisions and have better social and personal intelligence. Our judgment ability effects everything we do and is fundamental to our decision making, relationships, and personal well-being. 

The only way to improve judgment is by becoming aware of how good or bad our judgment might be, or where we might have potential biases or blind spots. As we become aware of our judgment we can then make a conscious decision to change it and improve our performance in many areas.

The Judgement Report is designed to reveal potential strengths, limitations, and biases in an individuals’ judgment.

This report is available for screening, interviewing and development purposes.

JUDGMENTcompass Reports are designed to reveal potential strengths, limits, and biases in an individuals’ judgment.

The JUDGMENTcompass Coaching Report

the Coaching Report identifies areas of strength, areas for growth, and areas where potential blocks in judgment can lead to performance issues. This provides incredibly important information for the individual, the manager, team members, and the L&D departments as they chart a development course to keep a top talent engaged.