PGI - Performance Gap Indicator

PGI - Performance Gap Indicator

This Is Not Just Another Culture Assessment

Performance Gap IndicatorTM (PGI) is the first company-wide performance assessment of its kind.

Unlike corporate culture surveys and employee engagement assessments, PGI gives you performance analytics for the entire company.

With PGI, you can finally capture the performance perceptions of every single employee with one easy-to-administer, easy-to-understand assessment.

PGI’s mobile-friendly, 45-question survey captures authentic, anonymous feedback from every employee. Responses are then combined into one comprehensive report that analyzes the data across 5 core performance areas:

1. Company Culture
2. Operations
3. Leadership
4. Training
5. Customer Service

Quickly identify core performance strengths and concerns and see the GAPs that negatively impact success.

Performance Gap Indicator TM makes it easy to compare responses across optional demographics including management versus non-management, tenure, and more…all in one report.